Free tarot reading from real psychics! Don’t settle for those computer generated, plain and boring readings – chat with a tarot reader for free. This is 100% live, free and personalized. Since this is done by a real human it’s so much better and accurate. Those other sites make you pick a card and show you some premade by a machine generic nonsense. How can those even be called “readings”, how can a machine know your personality and what you need? The short answer is – they do not know anything and they show the same thing to everybody. If you want a real free tarot reading from a human click below and get yours. No tricks, no gimmicks, no computers.

The free tarot reading is provided by the carefully selected and verified psychics from Oranum. All new members will get 9.99 free credits when creating a new account. This equals to up to 10 minutes of live chat with an advisor of your choice. There is no obligation to buy anything and you don’t have to spend a penny. Your absolutely free tarot reading is just a few clicks away! Join Oranum now and get it!

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What else can you get at the site, what other readings do they offer?

Oranum is a “full service” psychics website. They have anything and everything you can possibly ask for. Free tarot reading is just one of many things they have. You can use your free credits on any reading like love and relationship, money and finance, past lives, angel readings, reiki, numerology, zodiac and more. There is a good number of advisers you get to choose from and the types of readings each of them can do. So just read their bios carefully and pick the one that you feel most comfortable with. Of course there is no need to talk to just 1 of them – you can switch at any time that you feel like. As long as you have some of the free credits left – your tarot reading is free! Join Oranum now for your 100% free tarot card reading!

How to get your free tarot reading

It’s very simple and it only takes 20 seconds:

  • Click on the pretty blue square thing up above or on any of the images posted here
  • You will be redirected to Oranum’s website
  • Once there take a good look around the site and pick the tarot reader you want to chat with
  • Read their bio’s careful – they have so many to choose from so make sure you like the guy/gal you will be talking to. Check the types of readings they are good at and their ratings and reviews left from other users.
  • At any time you can click at the top right corner on the “Join now free” button and create a new account. All you need is a valid email. There is a box that will be asking you to put a promo code but this is optional and since we are in for a free reading – you don’t even need one.
  • Go to your email and verify your account. Once that is done you will taken back to the site and there you can get your 100% free tarot readings. Start your live chat with the medium that you like and see what your future holds! And as long as you stay within your 9.99 free credits you will not pay anything. It’s absolutely free and the only limitation is that you must be 18 years of age or older.

And that’s all it is – no hassle, tricks or gimmicks. This is the best deal right now on tarot readings from a real tarot adviser and everybody can get one within a few minutes.

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Must be 18 or older. For entertainment purposes only.